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Svensk Direktreklam is Sweden’s largest distributor of direct mail advertising, as well as one of the country’s largest employer of young people. Using the services of thousands distributors, the households in Sweden receives advertising in their letterboxes every week.

More than 40 years ago, to be exact in 1976, Svensk Direktreklam was set up by Erik Grönberg and Roland Tipner. Svensk Direktreklam is a franchise company. This means that in addition to our 23 self-owned local offices, we also have 11 local franchise offices where they own their own business but are part of a collaboration. All offices are similar in structure and are run in a similar fashion. The offices are responsible for their own distribution area and local direct mail advertising campaigns. As a distributor, you are employed at one of these 34 local offices.

If you wish to know more about Svensk Direktreklam, our products, our environmental work and other issues, please visit our website www.sdr.se.

Company details

Svensk Direktreklam is the largest private direct mail advertising company in Sweden. We have gone from being a pure distributor of direct mail advertising to become a qualified media company with specialist expertise in the field of direct mail advertising. With our franchisers located all over the country, we can help our customers to reach all households in Sweden. We offer our customers unaddressed direct mail advertising, direct mail advertising for selected target groups and addressed direct mail advertising. We can help with everything from concept and target group selection to distribution and measuring advertising effectiveness.

We have been approved as a postal operator since 1994 by the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency.  We have been ISO 14001 certified since 2000 for our environmental work.

Environmental work

As one of the country’s largest producers of direct mail advertising, we at Svensk Direktreklam, together with our customers and suppliers, have a large environmental responsibility. We involve both our own staff and our partners in our environmental work, and new detailed environmental objectives are drawn up every year. All fully-time staff takes a basic environment course to further increase environmental awareness and expertise. We have been ISO 14001 certified since February 2000. Twice yearly our environmental management system is reviewed by Intertek Semko Certification. We are also members of Stockholm’s Climate Pact.

We introduced climate compensated direct mail advertising in autumn 2010, making it possible for our customers if they wish to climate compensate the direct mailings carried out with us. 

Customers are given the opportunity to offset carbon dioxide emissions for a mailing by calculating how great the impact a customer direct mailing has on the climate. By paying a little more for direct mail advertising, our customers contribute financially to different environmental projects around the world that limit carbon dioxide emissions. The money goes for instance to the construction of wind power plants and other environmental projects in the third world. These eco-friendly alternatives replace less eco-friendly ones, thereby benefitting the climate.

Each project is inspected very closely and regular checks are made to determine the actual impact they have on the climate. The ruling framework for the project is defined by the Kyoto protocol and overseen by the UN. Our partner in this work is Tricorona.


No thanks to advertising

Direct mail advertising is either addressed or unaddressed. There has been an agreement in place between the Swedish Consumer Agency, the Post Office and Swedma allowing any consumers to decline receiving unaddressed direct mail advertising in their letterboxes. According to the agreement, anyone not wishing to receive unaddressed direct mail advertising in their letterbox is obliged to put a stop sticker on their letterbox or close to their letter opening in their door. These stop stickers must clearly state “No advertising please” or “No thanks to advertising”. Distributors must respect these stickers and are not permitted to distribute unaddressed direct mail advertising to those households displaying stop stickers.

Group publications, or non-commercial messages as they are also referred to, must always be distributed to all households. This is the case whether the house has a stop sticker or not. It is not possible to decline on receiving this type of information. Group publications include information from government authorities and municipal bodies, political parties and non-profit associations.

At times it is hard to classify certain publications, i.e. if they are advertising or group publications (non-commercial messages). It is always shown on the delivery note supplied with your publications if a publication is classified as a group publication and must therefore be distributed to all households.

Franchising - a successful business method in growth

It is not strange that franchising is a business method that is expanding both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. This business approach has shown itself to be very viable. Today there are more than 450 franchise chains in the Swedish marketplace. These employ around 100,000 people and many chains plan to expand their operations.

Franchising combines the best of two worlds: a successful business concept and the commitment, perseverance and drive of the self-employed. The franchisor allows the franchisee for a fee to use the franchisor’s name, concept, range or suchlike. The franchisee pledges in return to comply with the rules laid down by the franchisor.

Franchising presents both partners with a range of benefits. The advantages for the franchisor are for instance fast expansion, risk capital from the franchisee, effective marketing, minimal central administration, etc. Franchising also offers benefits to the franchisee, for instance access to a tested business concept, training, support and assistance, reduced risk and so on.

Contact the head office

Svensk Direktreklam’s main office is located in Uppsala, to be exact on Fyrisborgsgatan 2. The head office houses all our staff working with finance, sales administration, franchise support, IT support, legal services, the environment, operations and development. Call 018-17 21 00 if you which to speak with a member of staff.