A distributor’s day at work

Your role as distributor is very important to us!

Our customers invest large sums in their advertising campaigns. We have a responsibility to distribute when we promised to do so. You as a distributor play an important role here. It is your job to make sure the correct advertising finishes up in the correct letterbox on time. We know you will do your job in a responsible manner. Here is a description of how the job could go to, we have divided the week's jobs in three steps:

Delivery control
At the end of the week, depending on where you live, the publications will be dispatched to all distributors from the local Svensk Direktreklam office. The publications are dropped off at your home at a place previously agreed on. 

In your work tool the “Distributors webb” Utdelarwebben you will find the delivery note that indicates the total number of publications delivered, you will also there find the list of the addresses to deliver them to. Check that you have received what is stated on the delivery note, that the bundles have the correct district number and if there is any additional information from the office.

The first part of the job is to sort and put together the publications to make it easier to distribute them. Certain distributors will however not have to do this as the publications are sorted when delivered.

”It can normally take about one to two hours to sort, but before Xmas when there are large volumes, it can take up to 3 to 4 hours.  With the right technique using both hands, I can sort much faster today compared to when I started as a distributor,” says Kajsa who is a distributor for Svensk Direktreklam.


Read more about the job in our brochure

Welcome to Svensk Direktreklam

It is now time for distribution which takes place over the weekend from Saturday to Sunday. Exact times and days are sent to from your Svensk Direktreklam office.

When all the publications have been distributed, I report it in the “Utdelarwebben”. Here you report how the distribution went, if there is any surplus advertising, if any publications were missing, any new addresses as well as the number of households with stop stickers.

Quality control
Our customers require that we quality control our distributions. When reports have been sent in, spot checks are carried out in all districts every week. In this fashion, we can show our customers that their publications were delivered on time!