Earn extra money!

Information about the salary

Most distributors work to make extra money. How much you earn depends on how many households (letterboxes) exist in your district as well as how many publications being distributed, how much they weigh and how difficult the district is. An approximate wage is SEK 70-200 per distribution but this varies of course depending on how much advertising is being distributed on a given week.

The type of wages on offer is based on performance, and this means that the basic wage is based on how difficult your distribution district is. You also receive a weight allowance and if you do the sorting on your own you will get a sorting allowance. When setting wages, we always comply with labour market legislation and agreements.


Questions and answers

Do I get a holiday allowance?
Yes. All employees have a right to holidays. But since you are employed on an on-call basis, any days off are paid for. This pay is called a holiday allowance and is always at least 13 percent of the total wage earned during your period of employment.

Do I get paid for sorting myself?
Yes, you are entitled to a sorting allowance if you sort the publications yourself. Wage slips may vary however depending on where you work. If the allowance is not shown on your wage slip, please contact your local Svensk Direktreklam office directly to find out how much of your wages is your sorting allowance.

Why does the wage vary depending on how my distribution district is?
It takes less time to distribute advertising to 100 apartments in a 10-floor complex with an elevator compared to 100 houses or to just as many letterboxes in a three-floor house with an elevator. This is why the wage total varies.

How much can I earn without paying tax?
In 2016, the annual tax-exempt amount is SEK 18,739.