Questions and answers

What happens if I get sick and have to distribute advertising?

If you get sick it is vital that you notify your local Svensk Direktreklam office immediately of your situation. Our customers have paid to have their information distributed at a certain weekend and for this reason, it is also important that we are made aware that you are not in a position to distribute the mailing as agreed on. Your local Svensk Direktreklam office will of course find a replacement for you. It is not acceptable to ask a friend to help you. We want anyone working for us to be fully introduced to the job before they start work. In this way the risk of making mistakes is limited.

What happens if I am not at home and have to distribute advertising?

If you are planning a trip please notify us in good time so that we can find a replacement for you. This does not mean that you will be replaced for good but only for the weekend(s) you are away. It is not acceptable to ask a friend to help you. We want anyone working for us to be fully introduced to the job before they start work. In this way the risk of making mistakes is limited.

How many households receive advertising at a time?

A district consists of between 200 and 500 households depending on how long it is between each letterbox and if it is made up of apartments or houses.

Can I distribute to more than one district?

Yes, you can. We have however a limit of a maximum of 3 000 per weekend.

How much does a distributor earn?

The type of wages on offer is based on performance, and this means that the basic wage is based on how difficult your distribution district is. You also receive a weight allowance and if you do the sorting on your own you will get a sorting allowance. When setting wages, we always comply with labour market legislation and agreements.

Do I get a holiday allowance?

Yes, all employees have a right to holidays. But since you are employed on an on-call basis, any days off are paid for. This pay is called a holiday allowance and is always at least 13 percent of the total wage earned during your period of employment.

Do I get paid for sorting myself?

Yes, you are entitled to a sorting allowance if you sort the publications yourself. Wage slips may vary however depending on where you work. If the allowance is not shown on your wage slip, please contact your local Svensk Direktreklam office directly to find out how much of your wages is your sorting allowance.

Why does the wage vary depending on how my distribution district is?

It takes less time to distribute advertising to 100 apartments in a 10-floor complex with an elevator compared to 100 houses or to just as many letterboxes in a three-floor house with an elevator. This is why the wage total varies.

How much can I earn without paying tax?

In 2016, the annual tax-exempt amount is SEK 18,739.

Why must I be 13 years old to work for you?

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, it is not permitted to employ anyone who is younger than 13 years. Anyone who is 13 years old is permitted to carry out light work which is not damaging to their health, development or education. On Arbetsmiljöverkets website you can read more about this.

Does one get a trolley or bag to help with distribution?

The Svensk Direktreklam office makes sure that you have the correct accessories in the form of a bag or trolley to help you distribute. Speak with your local Svensk Direktreklam office about what applies in your district.

Am I insured?

Yes, all Svensk Direktreklam distributors are insured against accidents when at work.

How does a customer know that everything has actually been distributed?

We have a control panel with 90,000 households and from them, we randomly ring 20,000 households to carry out a check. In this way, we quickly discover if the any errors have been made.

What do I do if there are publications left over when I am done?

There are often publications left over. You are entitled to return these to us so that we can recycle them. You are not allowed to throw them away. Put a bag or a tied bundle with the returns outside, clearly marked with “RETURN TO SDR” on the day you receive the next week’s advertising and we will take them back.

I need an employer’s certificate. Who do I turn to?

Contact your contact person at Svensk Direktreklam and he/she will send it to you.

Does one get an employer’s certificate when one finishes work?

Yes, but it varies from place to place if it is sent out automatically or not. Contact your local Svensk Direktreklam office and they will send you one.